dinsdag 29 oktober 2019

Pool Project

Commission for seaweed shaped seating elements 
(concept design by Suzanne van Ginneken),
side tables and coral tree sculptures (design Peter Broeren) for public swimming pool  'De Vallei' in Veenendaal, The Netherlands

How to get from THIS:



In 7 months.

Seating some 125 people

Take about 50 cubic meter PUR foam blocks

Start drawing

Implementation drawing large seating elements (seats almost 70 people)

 Four seating elements 
 for the North wall

This one seats about 25 people

Then you start to saw, shape, cut, turn etc.

Et VoilĂ 
First part cut
39 more to go

on and on

 and on and on and on and.....

About 40 elements

Then you start sanding

 some more sanding 
and fine tuning

All seating elements get a thick polyester coating

And a white topcoat

Don't forget to number them

and to sand everything one more time (or two)

Time to put the big seaweed seating element together for the first time


And the small one too


First some Red

Then some Light Blue

Dark Blue

And finally some Apple Green

View from above

Ready for transport



get everything inside

and position all elements in the right spot

Glue, polyester, sand, paint for two weeks

And there you are

What about those coral tree sculptures?

Get some chicken wire, polyester resin and fiberglass mat 
and start sculpting

and of course sanding and fine tuning

Apple green and coral red

Reaching  its final position

Three coral trees

and a guest

small sculpture  41 cm high


Sulfer Yellow, Dark Blue, Light Blue, Apple Green, Coral Red an Ruby Red

Thanks to:
Frank, Sander, Suzanne, Hans, Victor, Nick, Ron and everyone who helped me  bringing this Pool Project to a successful conclusion.